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my first post

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practicing 2013


Creating the new post


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I am reposting …

I am reposting this because the name of the rabbi was misspelled, and had other typing errors.

I am reading “Commentary on the Mishnah”, by Maimonides, the famous 12th century rabbi (translated by A. Y. Finkel). Maimonides writes: “if two men get into a fight with each other and the wife of one comes up to defend her husband, grabbing his attacker by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. (Devarim 25:11,12).

The Oral Tradition explains that the statement ‘cut off her hand’ should not be taken literally but rather to mean that she should pay a fine for the humiliation she caused her victim.”

That interpretation of “cut off” is far from obvious to me. In fact, how do we distinguish literal from figurative, while reading holy books?

Ludwik Kowalski

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A mini-tutorial for some MAC users

A mini-tutorial for some MAC users
I just wrote a free online mini-tutorial for those who want to quickly learn how to use Keynote, a MAC application for creation of slide shows. The link to this short guide is:

Feel free to share it with others.
Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)

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1)  I am now under the Visual tab. My code is between the lines of asterisks.


<font size=4 color=red> Hello everyone </font> <font size 3> This is smaller red font.> </font> <font color=”green”> And now it


will be green. </font> <BR>
Why not?


2) And now I am under the HTML tab. Let me paste the same code below. How will readers see it?

Hello everyone This is smaller red font.> And now it

will be green.

Why not?

3) The code I see between the lines of asterisks (in the edit mode and under the HTML tab) is not the same what I typed. To what I typed I must be under the Visual tab. I have no idea what the <span> tag is. I can only guess it’s attributes are. Fortunately, I do not have to know this.

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I know how to create a post containing text, pictures and links. Now I want to learn what can be done with the HTML tab. The tab which has been selected so far (see the upper right corner above this content window) is Visual. Let me select the HTML tag and see what happens.

OK, nothing special; I see the same text. The next line was typed under the Visual tab. It is just interpreted as regular text. But the line next to it was produced by typing the same code under the HTML tab. It interpreted the html coded line in the same way in which a browser would interpret it.

<A href=”html://”>click to go to CF</A>

click to go to CF

It looks that the entire content of a post can be entered as a standard html document, when one is working under the HTML tab. I will try this in the next post.

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